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1Q. What is the default IP address and password for the router?

1A. The default IP address is   
For model RTW026, default password is admin
For model RT210W, default password is admin
For ASOHO4P, no default password (just leave blank)

2Q. How do I upgrade the firmware on my router?

2A.  To upgrade your firmware, you must first enter your IP address in your web browser to access the router settings.  Next, you will have to enter your password to access the router settings.  In the router settings page, go to the advanced setup page, then system, then firmware upgrade.  Enter the path and name of the upgrade file or browse for the file and then click the APPLY button.  When prompted to confirm the upgrade, click YES.  Wait a moment while the firmware is being updated and follow the instructions on the screen.  You have now upgraded your firmware.   
For model RTW026, go to advanced -> upgrade
For model RT210W, go to administrator

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT UPGRADE FIRMWARE THROUGH A WIRELESS CONNECTION.  Wireless connection may drop, and incomplete upgrade of firmware will cause the router to be DEAD.  The latest firmware comes with the router; so only upgrade the firmware if your router is having problems. 

3Q. How do I open ports on my router?

3A. First, you must access your router settings by going to your web browser and typing in the IP address for your router and your password.  Next, Go to advanced, NAT, Virtual Server, and enter the port IP address and click on enable.  

4Q. What can I do if I forgot my password?

4A. If you forget your password, you must reset the device to factory settings by using a paperclip and holding down the reset button on the device for 10 seconds.

5Q. What is SSID?

5A. SSID (Service Side Identifier) is the workgroup name of your wireless network.  In order for the devices (access points, wireless routers, wireless network adapters) to communicate on the wireless network, they must have the same SSID. 

6Q. How can I setup my router to work with a Cable modem connection?

6A.  Step1: Log into the web configuration by inputting the IP address of the router in the web browser.   Enter the password

Step 2: Under the WAN section, click on the Dynamic IP radio button and the click on Apply.  Click on the clone MAC address button.  Then click Apply and Continue. 

Step 3: Turn the cable modem off first.  Then turn off the router.  Wait 2 minutes then turn the cable modem on.  When the modem light is solid, turn on the router. 

Step 4: Log onto the web based configuration again, and go to the systems section.  Under the status tab, check for an IP address.  If there is no public IP address, click on the DHCP renew and continue buttons respectively. 

7Q. How can I setup my router to work with a DSL connection?

7A. Step 1: Log into the web configuration by inputting the IP address of the router in the web browser.  Enter the password

Step 2: Under the WAN section, click on the PPPoE radio button, and click apply. Fill out the username and password and apply.  Unless you are using static IP address, you will not need to fill in the IP address section on this page. 

Step 3: Same step as previous questions step 3

Step 4: Same step as previous questions step 4

8Q. Where do I get the encryption key on my wireless device?

8A. You have to create your own encryption key with the numbers 0-9 and letters A-F

9Q. How can I find the IP address of my Windows 2000 or XP machine?

9A. Go to the Start menu and select Run.  Type command in the space and click ok.  Enter ipconfig in the command prompt and push enter.  Your IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway will be displayed.  Type exit to close the command prompt. 

10Q. How do I disable or turn off the firewall on my router?

10A. Step 1: Access the router settings through the web configuration.  Enter your password.

Step 2: Go to the Firewall section and you will be able to select different ways of disabling/enabling your firewall:

Block WAN PING: Checking on the Discard Ping from WAN side option causes the firewall to ignore Ping requests.  To stop the firewall from ignoring these requests, simply uncheck the box. 

Client Filtering: This option allows you to allow access to the clients based on time

MAC control: You can disable certain users from accessing the network based on their MAC address.

DMZ: With this option, you can enable specified clients to access Internet applications by checking on the Enable box. 

11Q. How do I manage the router remotely from the Internet?

11A. Step 1: Go to the web configuration page, and enter the password.

Step 2: Under Systems, go to the administrative settings area, and click on enable under remote management.  Enter the IP address you are going to use to access the router. 

12Q. What is the maximum number of users supported by the router?

12A. Users can use a switch or hub to extend the number of PCs that can be connected to the network.  The total number of users is 253.

13Q. How do I know if my computer is connected to the router?

13A. After you have configured the TCP/IP protocol, go to Start menu, and click on Run.  Type in command, and the command prompt will pop up.  Type in ping, and if the command window returns something similar to

Reply from bytes =32 time =100ms TTL =253, 

Then a connection has been established between your PC and the router

14Q. I have a 10 or 100Mbps Ethernet card, is it compatible with the router?

14A. Yes, the router has a 10/100Mbps auto-sensing switch that supports both 10 and 100Mbps

15Q. I cannot get to the Web Configuration Page screen when I type in the routerís default IP address.  What should I do?

15A. First, check the WAN and LAN port lights to ensure that there is a connection.  If the obtain an IP address automatically option in TCP/IP protocol for your computer is selected, verify that you have a valid IP address. Verify that the default gateway is  If you do not have a valid IP address, the DHCP function may not be operating properly.  To restore the device to default settings, hold down the reset button on the device for 10 seconds.  

16Q. How do I change the factory default password?

16A. Access the router web configuration through your web browser, and go to advanced settings.  Go to settings > administrative settings, and simply change the password.

17Q. How do I know if I have a Static or Dynamic address service from my ISP?

17A. You must ask your ISP whether you have static or dynamic address service

18Q. How do I configure my router settings if I have static IP address? 

18A. Access the router settings through the web configuration.  Go to advanced options > WAN settings, and click on the static IP radio button and apply settings.  On the static IP page, enter your IP address, subnet mask, and ISP gateway address and then click apply.  These address should be given to you be your ISP.  Next, go to the DNS section and enter the DNS provided by your ISP and click apply.  

19Q. I am having trouble getting a DHCP from my ISP.  What can I do?

19A. Check to see if the WAN link led on your router is on or off.  If the led is off, then change cables and verify that the cables are in the correct ports.  If your ISP uses the MAC address of your NIC, follow these steps:

Step 1: Use the PC that was originally setup for the ISP.

Step 2: Access the web configuration of your router by entering the router address in your web browser.  Go to WAN > Dynamic IP, and click on the clone mac address button.  The address of the NIC should now be cloned onto the MAC address area.  Click apply to finish.